30 May 2008

Day 28 of Walking

Hello everyone,

You must be praying harder as we did not get rained on today. We arrived safely in our albergue in Arca before the rain started. And we are splurging on a washer and dryer for a change, so the weather won´t keep our clothes from drying. All in all, we are very happy campers.

Today we walked about 19 km, or 11 miles. We walked through a lot of trees today. Here is one photo of today´s walk. Our book said there was Mass at this church at noon, but when we got here the sign said they only have Mass on Sundays.

video video

We have uploaded two more videos from earlier this week for you to watch. One is of us praying the Rosary and one is of the cows going by.

This area is known for a couple of specialty foods. One is almond cake, which we have all tasted and enjoyed. The other is "pulpo," which is octopus. Most of us have tasted it, and some of us enjoyed it more than others. Last night Ruth ordered a plate of pulpo. Here is a picture of her & Tom eating a couple of tentacles. (ugh.....)

Here we are enjoying our morning cafe con leche before praying morning prayers.

Over the past four weeks we have heard some comments that we thought you´d enjoy. So here they are, in no particular order:

"This soup is different. What is tripe, anyway?"

"I tried to push my earplugs in until they met somewhere in the middle."

"Tom, is this a hill or a mountain?"

"Shall I wear my blue fleece today, or my blue fleece?"

"Only 25k? Why the easy day?"

"How many days can you wear your socks before you´re required to wash them?"

"You´re not a real pilgrim until your underwear is hanging from your backpack."

"That´s not rain coming in, it´s just clouds." (followed quickly by a huge downpour)

"Dos cafe con leches, por favor."

"Here, have a poisoned cookie."

If we come up with any more, we´ll post them.

Tomorrow we plan on arriving in Santiago in time for the noon pilgrim´s Mass. Then we´ll find an albergue and try to post some photos. Thanks again for all your prayers. We continue to pray for you and your intentions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need your rainsuits yesterday and today! So maybe you will be spared. No pulpo for me! Maybe the wine would help. You probably have very mixed feelings about today and tomorrow. God bless you for your sacrifices on the camino! And may He provide for you in your transition. Corrine S.

30 May, 2008 09:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure it is with bittersweet emotion that you see this part of you holy journey come to an end. You are battle-worn pilgrims, soldiers of Christ. You have endured much, prayed much, and sacrificed for the sake of others. God is working great things through you, His beloved, favored children. God has gifted us with you. We are blessed and grateful servants.

"We stand most upright when we gladly bow our heads (to pray)." Stand tall and accept an abundance of God's grace and everlasting love.
Connie H.

30 May, 2008 10:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colleen, my hubby is dreaming about you - he says he ran into you at a movie (you were back in Dubuque). . .. ... . not to worry, Bill - he says I was with him. But, he must be worried about you - he was shocked when he saw you. He said you lost 22 pounds! (maybe it was not a dream but a nightmare) Anyway we all know you can't afford that so please go get something to eat.
Guess that shows that you (all) are in our thoughts. And you are in our prayers while we anxiously await your return. Many blessings on you all. Thank you for all your sacrifices.

30 May, 2008 14:58  
Anonymous leone&dick said...

Ruth, looks like you and Tom are the 'pulpo' connosiers. Hope you bring back some good recipes for pulpo. We just don'tknow how to cook or grill. We are having a version of pulpo tonight called shrimpo. My mouth waters just thinking about a good pulpo burger.PS I noticed there was a big 'empty' wine bottle between you and Tom, it does help to bring out all the flavors of a good pulpo.

30 May, 2008 16:36  
Anonymous Denise said...

I misplaced my blog password, after setting up my account early on and thus no blogging unitl this late date. Thanks so much for posting the videos - I felt like I was actually at the monasterio witnessing Manfred & Siegfried's chanting! And for adding those videos along the route, too! Ahh, yes, I recall many a mile with not yet dry bike shorts strapped to my bike panniers. Enjoy the last leg of your trip - the simple pleasures of home await you - soaking in a bath, dry shorts and a washer & dryer! Denise Sheehan

30 May, 2008 17:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wine & bread looked delicious, but I'm not sharing the same feeling towards the pulpo. Glad to hear your spirits are high. I hope you have everything and didn't leave your car keys or passport back in the Pyrenees. I'd hate to see you have to walk back and get them!
Ann & Andy & Jimmy & Peter

31 May, 2008 16:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pilgrim friends, So many blessings of late, isn't it wonderful to feel the power of prayer and grace moving in our lives. I must admit I can't wait to see the pictures to come........perhaps not an ending, but rather a new beginning. best love, julia

31 May, 2008 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is it, the last leg of your journey. We have all followed your journey on the Camino with awe, inspiration and, in my case, a bit of envy. I know that is not a very Christian way of thinking.
You can enjoy the simple things of life America when you get home, the bath, washer and dryer, etc. on your return. I am warning you not to get too comfortable. Since you've left I've talked up your journey and the response that I recieved was amazing.

Keep the hiking shoes dry and pliable.... the sponsers are lining up to keep you all on the road.

St. Albans Press is working out the book and movie rights for your attorneys to review. St. Josephs Aspirin for Children is working on an adult perscription they will be calling the "Pilgrims of Iowa". Angel Soft toilet paper is releasing a European version of their product called "Perigrino de Iowa" guaranteed to soothe even the sorest behind from the perils of foreign foods and facilities. Cardial Health Systems is launching a new series of cold pack products to provide relief for even the most strained pilgrim muscles.

The big response was from a large company from our state, Monk's Bread. Their management team figured that they could provide your team with loaves of their bread at selected points on the journey, along with the appropriate size billboard. (If we could only get a frozen fish company on board you would be golden).

I am working with some clothing designers for an outfit that is styish yet functional, appropriate for a pilgrimage anywhere in the world. I figure it has to be cassock like with a hood for protection from the elements. It also must have room for sponsors logos like golfers or tennis players. More details to follow....

All of us here in Buffalo are proud of you and can't wait to hear of your journey in person. What you have done is inspirational.
All our love,

Peter, Teresa, Elizabeth and Matthew

01 June, 2008 06:22  

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