27 May 2008

Day 29 of Walking

Hello everyone,

Thanks for all your prayers - they are paying off as Sunday, Monday and today´s walks went very well. They were tough and long, but we did it. Tomorrow´s walk is easier, only 15.6 miles. Keep the prayers going as we´re feeling beat up after these three days, but the end is in sight.

We started off early and were joined by a Canadian, Bernie. He is Catholic and joined us in a couple of Rosaries. His wife told him about the camino 15 years ago and they planned on walking it one day, but she died of a heart condition 6 years ago. So he is making it by himself and thinking and praying for her along the way. Here he is walking with us. (This is the second man we have met who has lost their wife and are doing it in their memory.)

We have shared the road with other pilgrims, bicyclists, and cows. Today we met two groups of cows as they were switching fields. After you pass the cows you have to be very careful as to where you step, if you know what I mean....

There was a lot of mud today as it´s been raining most every day this month. Here is a picture of us trying to not step in mud that goes over our shoes.
Here are also a couple of pictures of the countryside, and the beautiful yellow flowers that seem to be everywhere.

We stopped in the afternoon for a short break and got talking with a couple of men who were making the camino by bicycle. One man was from Spain, and the other was from Ireland. Turns out that his last name was McDonough, too! Except he spells it wrong (McDonagh). What are the odds that we´d run into a McDonough while on the camino?

We were able to go to Mass tonight, which is a special blessing since we are used to daily Mass and miss it when we don´t get there. Tonight they had the Rosary before Mass, and the priest also said additional prays before a beautiful statue of Our Blessed Mother. Many of the statues here have real clothes and real hair. It is great to see so many pilgirms in Mass.

Thanks again for all your prayers and comments on the blog. We continue praying for all of you and your intentions. Please continue to pray for us. God bless you!
Los peregrinos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, go with me on this analogy (Steve hates my analogies): Remember Bubba in the "Forrest Gump" movie who did the "shrimp scampi, shrimp creole, steak & shrimp, etc." bit? You have 3 DAYS left. How many "3's" can you come up with on your walk? "In three days I will destroy the temple and rebuild it." Three persons in one. "On the third day, God created..." That was three to get you started. Here's 3 more: "I have 3 blisters on my right foot." "My 3rd toe looks pre-historic." "In 3 days, I will eat 3 ___ & drink 3 ___." (You fill in the blanks.)
Go with God's grace and our prayers and love. Santiago awaits!
Connie H.

27 May, 2008 16:14  
Blogger cory said...

I remember in high school we did a review of the movie "The Natural" and noted each time the number 3 was represented (several). We also discussed the many times it appears in the bible and how it's considered the most important number (except for 9 since it's three threes but whatever).

Mindy and I spoke with Angela, Eric, and Debbie this weekend. They spent the weekend in Oshkosh. We weren't able to make it but they said they all check for updates every day. Mindy and I do also, my post a couple days back didn't make it, probably user error. We look forward to updates and pictures of course. We're always thinking of you guys.

Angela says you can't tell someone they're almost done at a marathon so we'll say finish strong. Good luck and God bless. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mindy and Cory

27 May, 2008 18:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pilgrim friends, When I read the blog I realize I am not sacrificing at all. Then I read more of the folks that you are meeting on the road, and realize many have given so much. Yet I am still praying each day for fair weather, strong feet and backs. Your love and devotion is an inspiration! best love,

27 May, 2008 19:29  
Blogger KoppesFam said...

What a pleasure to read the blogs during your spiritual journey. Stay strong, the destination is near!

28 May, 2008 00:01  
Blogger Angela said...

Wow! What beautiful terrain you have been covering! Cory already said Eric and Debbie were here for a fun weekend. Alyssa and I looked at your pictures. When she saw you hiking she kept asking for views where she could see your face. :-) We all miss you. I continue to pray for you and in your final stretch that you may have strong backs and tough toes. You're all amazing!

28 May, 2008 05:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a reminder that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you near your destination. You are all an inspiration to us!
Scott, Dana, and the boys

28 May, 2008 09:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I have been reading about all the rain you have had this past month I can't help think about all the times in Scripture God speaks of His Living Water which nourishes us unto eternal life. I am asking God that every "raindrop" that fell on you be a "raindrop of heavenly grace" which from this month onward in your life will draw each of you into a deeper relationship with the Lord. ML

28 May, 2008 17:36  
Blogger Bilgrim said...

Bill's "3's" are: My new best friend is "Cafe con leche" and I needed "3-In-One Oil" to get my joints moving every morning.

11 June, 2008 12:22  

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